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Introducing the Euphoria Eco Glitter Collection from A Beautiful Weirdo™.

This hot new collection is inspired by the hit show and is sure to add a touch of neon dreaminess to your look. The packaging is hazy and soft neon, making it the perfect addition to our current collections and the bad big sister of our collection Golden Hour.

This collection features new eco glitter styles such as "It's not me, It's you" which have been created to capture the feeling of being kaleidoscopic and under the neon glow. The collection houses a mixture of solid colour and mix blends with a fuchsia base, perfect for adding a touch of boldness and individuality to your look.

At A Beautiful Weirdo™, we believe in being true to yourself and embracing your unique quirks. Our Euphoria Eco Glitter Collection is the perfect way to add a touch of neon dreams and personality to your look, while also being mindful of the planet. So why settle for boring and conventional when you can elevate your look with our neon dream biodegradable glitter? Grab a jar from our Euphoria Eco Glitter Collection and add a touch of kaleidoscopic sparkle to your look with every guilt-free sparkle.