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Introducing the Disco Doll Collection from A Beautiful Weirdo™, a line of biodegradable and eco-friendly glitters that will add a touch of radiant sparkle to your disco looks.

Our collection features an array of styles, including fine, medium, and chunky sizes, as well as solid mix blends and mixed blends such as "Paris Hilton is My Spirit Animal", "Space Cowgirl" and "Cupidity".

Our eco-friendly glitter is made from plant-based materials, making it completely biodegradable and safe for the environment. You can feel good about using our glitter knowing that it will not harm marine life or damage ecosystems.

Our Disco Doll Collection features predominantly light pink and dark rose shades with subtle silver, gold, and fuchsia tones, providing a perfect mix of subtle and bold glitters to match any disco look. Whether you’re adding a touch of glitter to your makeup, a DIY project or want to make a statement with a glittery manicure, our collection has something for you.

At A Beautiful Weirdo™, we believe in being true to yourself and embracing your unique quirks. Our Disco Doll Collection is the perfect way to add a touch of individuality and personality to your look, while also being mindful of the planet and having fun.

So why settle for boring and conventional when you can let loose and have fun with our biodegradable glitter? So giddy up space cowgirl, cowboy or cow-person and grab a jar from our Disco Doll Collection and elevate your disco look with every radiant sparkle.